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A comprehensive course or workshop for improving your memory and brain power!
Memory is the most important tool, regardless of age! After all, knowledge is nothing but a measure of memory!
If you wish to know your memory quotient and improve it.

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Why our workshops?

  • ONLY Organization in India with 14 Limca and World Records
  • MAX student has even set a Guinness world record in Memory!

  • We train people to remember subject-related contents like periodic tables, historical dates and events, values, named reactions, the Income Tax Act, and GRE word lists.
  • We equip people with permanent memory skills.

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Super Memory and Learning Skills Workshops!

Features and pricing

Unlock the full potential of your memory with this comprehensive memory course! Learn the latest features and explore different pricing options to find a plan that suits you.


5 to 8 Class Students

8 Weeks (20 sessions each 1.30 hr.)


Soon revising to Rs.9600
Genius is not an inborn quality. It is the ability of an individual to discover within using skills! Dr. JN Reddyy devised the MAX Genius workshop with this focus and has helped thousands of students reap tremendous benefits. Students will be showing great leaps in their Memory power, Learning quotient, and Public speaking skills! Brain activation, according to the subject’s study, is one great skill they will cherish forever. MAX Genius Workshop is a sure way for kids to become geniuses!
  • Super Memory Techniques
  • Calendar Memory
  • Memory Software writing
  • Overcoming absentmindedness
  • Scientific study methods
  • Study ambience
  • Exam preparation
  • Exam presentation
  • Speed reading and Speed writing
  • Time management
  • Meditation for brain activation
  • Mind programming for habits
  • Public speaking
  • Brain Activation
  • Memory Quotient Analysis
  • Memory Upskilling
  • Functional Memory and many more…
  • Focus Skills:
    Brain Activation
    Memory Quotient Analysis
    Memory Upskilling
    Functional Memory

Sure Success

9th Std. upto College level

8 Weeks (27 Sessions + 3 Live)


Soon revising to Rs.9600

Every student should learn scientific learning skills (SLS), such as when to study, where to study, how to study, how long to study, and how to study for an extended period of time, as well as proper sitting posture and concentration techniques. He will find studying effortless but effective! Furthermore, if he learns super-memory techniques and methods to remember subject matter without mugging, he will undoubtedly excel in school. However, to score high marks in exams, you should also master the science of exam preparation and the art of exam presentation. We train you in all these. With these, you can score at least 10% higher than expected! Whether you are a school or college student or preparing for exams like NEET, JEE, or Civil Services, this workshop is your best bet!

  • Brain Activation
  • Peak Concentration
  • Creative Memory
  • Natural Memory
  • Learning Skills
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Speed writing
  • Overcoming Absentmindedness
  • Study Ambience
  • Random Memory Objects and Digits
  • Handwriting Tips
  • Exam Presentation Skills:
  • Memory Software Writing
  • Perpetual Calendar, among other things…
  • Focus Skills:
    Learning skills
    Extraordinary memory techniques
    Exam presentation skills
    Speed reading
    Speed reading in exams
    Success trap

Super Memory

9th Std. and above students

8 Weeks (16 hrs. + 3 live sessions)


Soon revising to Rs.4999
A life without memory will become inconsequential, won’t it? While so much importance is being given to remembering and recollecting things, hardly any light is shed on how to memorize, how to recollect, and most importantly, how to retain them! The Super Memory Workshop, conceived by Dr. JN Reddy, is an intensive workshop covering over 30 facets of memory with innovative and record-breaking techniques. MAX trainees have set 14 Limca and World records through this training. Every aspect of memory is detailed and threadbare, and high performance in day-to-day activities is a surety through this workshop.
  • Overcoming Absentmindedness
  • 5 R’s of Memory
  • Natural Memory
  • Creative Memory
  • Brain activation
  • Psychological tuning
  • Random Memory Objects Technique
  • Random Memory Digits
  • Memory Phonetics
  • Mind programming
  • Story-related Memory Technique
  • Mnemonics Memory
  • Memory Software Writing
  • Memory Applications
    (Periodic table, Historical dates and the like)
  • Remembering subject matter
  • Perpetual Calendar
  • Focus Skills:
    Brain Activation
    Memory Quotient Analysis
    Memory Upskilling
    Functional Memory

Score More

9th Std. and above students

6 weeks (14 hrs. + 2 live sessions)


Soon revising to Rs.4999

“Scoring more” is the need of the hour! How about scoring more without struggling and toiling? Any student who attends this innovative workshop on scientific learning skills will undoubtedly excel in his or her studies. With techniques like Speed reading, Speed writing, Dual activity, Vikalpa, Sandwich study method, Mediation, etc., scoring more is just a cake walk! For students, this is a very intense workshop that covers deep psychological aspects of day-to-day challenges.

  • Brain activation
  • Peak Concentration Techniques
  • Speed writing
  • Learning skills
  • Handwriting Tips
  • Memory Techniques
  • Study Ambience (Physical & Psychological)
  • Exam Presentation
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Focus Skills:
    Speed reading
    Overcoming Exam fear
    Study methods
    Exam preparation
    FF notes

Train your Brain

for Professionals, Executives, Businessmen and homemakers

8 Weeks (25 hrs. Live)


Soon revising to Rs.14000
Knowledge is nothing but memory! Today, people have become slaves to gadgets and have almost forgotten about the genius supercomputer within them! Yes, the human brain is the most complex and superior creation, and we should know how to put it to use. Through the Train Your Brain workshop, you will acquire over 30 super memory techniques and IQ enhancement methods. Dr. JN Reddy designed this workshop after doing research for over two decades on over two lakh people of all ages and of all professions. This is a must-attend workshop for every executive who is keen to make the best even better.
  • Super Memory Techniques
  • Brain Power Enhancement
  • Mental Alertness and Sharpness
  • Perpetual Calendar
  • IQ Improvement
  • Remembering Professional Data
  • Psychological Tuning
  • Meditation for Brain Activation
  • Overcoming Absentmindedness
  • Permanent Memory
  • Rekindling Creativity
  • Forgetting to Forget
  • Discover the genius within
  • Focus Skills:
    Brain Activation
    Memory Quotient Analysis:
    Memory Upskilling
    Functional Memory
  • What is so special?
    Pre assessment report
    Exclusive solutions for betterment
    Extensive monitoring and guidance

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