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The Memory Training Center is a premier centre in India with over three decades of experience in training and research. People of all ages were trained to improve their cognitive abilities. Its trainees set several records in their memory. Memory Training Center has innovated over 70 products, almost all of which are first-time products. When it comes to memory training, people always look up the Memory Training Center because of its unique content and impactful intent. Several leading schools and colleges have organised workshops through the Memory Training Center and reaped wonderful benefits in memory and brain power!

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Why our workshops?

  • ONLY Organization in India with 14 Limca and World Records
  • MAX student has even set a Guinness world record in Memory!

  • We train people to remember subject-related contents like periodic tables, historical dates and events, values, named reactions, the Income Tax Act, and GRE word lists.
  • We equip people with permanent memory skills.

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